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About Us (www.TrainTicketPrice.in)

The low literacy rate in India makes it difficult to use technology to book train tickets. Due to this almost all travel agencies charge almost double the ticket price for booking tickets. To solve this problem, Saroj Travels has started www.trainticketprice.in. 

This means trainticketprice.in has been created to help travelers who are not able to book train tickets on their own. Along with this, passengers can also know the ticket price of any train. Through this website, passengers can know the ticket price of almost all the trains in India, as well as book tickets for any train.

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www.trainticketprice.in is operated by Saroj Travels. and is designed and maintained by Saroj Infotech. However, this website was designed by Rohit Sonkar. Who mainly owns Saroj Travels and Saroj Infotech. You can contact us for more details…

www.trainticketprice.in MissionAround 11000 trains are operated daily across India. Our aim is to provide almost all train ticket prices to the passengers. Along with this, the facility of ticket booking has to be provided to the passenger sitting at home. So that no passenger can be inconvenienced while traveling.

www.trainticketprice.in VisionOur dream is to provide a train ticket booking facility to passengers sitting at home through WhatsApp and phone calls. That too by taking the minimum facility fee. So that no passenger has to pay extra convenience fee for ticket booking.

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