Surat To Goa Train Ticket Price

Surat to Goa Train Ticket Price & Booking: Many trains run from Surat to Goa. These trains are proving to be a stepping stone for Gujarat and Goa tourism. However, you can travel by these trains at your convenience. Information about some special trains is given in the paragraph and table below. For more information about trains, you can call on the number given below.

Surat to Goa Rajdhani Express Ticket Price

Hello travelers, are you planning to travel from Surat to Goa in a short time? Then Rajdhani Express (12432) is a good option. In which the ticket prices of 3AC class, 2AC class, and 1AC class tickets are Rs 2295, Rs 3145, and Rs 3890 respectively. This train departs from Surat station at 7:17 pm on three days of the week – Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. It is called and via Panvel, Ratnagiri, etc., it reaches Madgaon at 7 in the morning.

12432 - TVC RAJDHANI Surat to Goa Ticket Fare
Coch Type General Fare Tatkal Fare
3A - THIRD AC ₹ 2295 ₹ 2435
2A - SECOND AC ₹ 3145 ₹ 3345
1A - FIRST AC ₹ 3890 Not Available

Maru Sagar Express Surat to Goa Ticket Price

12978-Marusagar Express is an important train on this route. Which runs from Surat to Goa Madgaon. In which the ticket price for the sleeper class is Rs 505 and for the executive class is Rs 1235. If you want to know about the price of 3AC class, 2AC, and 1AC class tickets on this train, then you can contact Saroj Travels. Or you can see the table given above.

Surat to Goa MARUSAGAR Express Ticket Fare
Coch Type General Fare Tatkal Fare
SL - Sleeper Class ₹ 505 ₹ 645
3E - 3rd AC Economy ₹ 1235 ₹ 1665
3A - THIRD AC ₹ 1330 ₹ 1700
2A - SECOND AC ₹ 1885 ₹ 2410
1A - FIRST AC ₹ 3185 Not Available

Surat To Goa Duronto Express Ticket Price

If you want to travel by Duronto Express (12284) then you can book a ticket on this train. In this train, the price of a sleeper class ticket is Rs 850 and the ticket prices for 3AC, 2AC, and 1AC classes are Rs 2265, Rs 2590, and Rs 4240 respectively. Ticket prices may increase slightly if you book Tatkal tickets on this train.

Duronto Express Surat To Goa Ticket Price
Coch Type General Fare Tatkal Fare
2S - SECOND SEATING ₹ 500 ₹ 600
SL - Sleeper Class ₹ 1050 ₹ 1105
3A - THIRD AC ₹ 2550 ₹ 2690
2A - SECOND AC ₹ 3400 ₹ 3600
1A - FIRST AC ₹ 4240 Not Available

FAQs About Surat to Goa Trains

In the previous section, we looked at the fares of some popular trains that run from Surat to Goa. In this section, we will share some interesting facts about these trains. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask us by leaving a comment below. Alternatively, you can contact Saroj Travels using the phone number provided above.

There are many ways to book train tickets from Surat to Goa. To get tickets at IRCTC, the Nearest Railway Counter, or at home, you can contact Saroj Travels.

The distance from Surat to Goa is 979 km which is covered by 12978-Maru Sagar Express in 12 hrs 47 mins.

TVC Rajdhani Express (12432) takes a total time to reach Goa from Surat 11hr 43 mins.

The ticket price of Duronto Express (12284) from Panvel to Madgaon is ₹ 660 for sleeper class and ₹ 1500, ₹ 2635, and ₹ 3265 for 3AC, 2AC and 1AC respectively.

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