Varanasi To Delhi Train Ticket Price

Hello friends, there are approximately 26 trains running from Varanasi to Delhi. If you want to go from Varanasi to Delhi by train. So obviously you have to book a ticket for any one train. Before that, let us know how much is the ticket price of which train. Making it easy for you to book a ticket from Varanasi to New Delhi. So click on the below button for booking in Varanasi to Delhi Train.

वाराणसी से दिल्ली ट्रेन टिकट बुक करने के लिए संपर्क करें – टिकट बुक कराए

As we have seen above, 26 trains go from Varanasi to Delhi, whose list is given below. However, in this post, we will know about the ticket price of famous trains only. If you need any train ticket price or ticket from Varanasi to Delhi then contact us.

Varanasi To Delhi Trains List

  • 14003 – New Delhi Express
  • 20505 – New Delhi Rajdhani Express
  • 12561 – Swatantrata Senani Express
  • 22435 – Vande Bharat Express
  • 12391 – Sharamjeevi Express
  • 22417 – Mahamana Express
  • 12381 – Poorva Express
  • 13483 – Farakka Express
  • 19408 – Ahmedabad Weekly Express
  • 12371 – Bikaner Weekly SF Express
  • 15127 – Kashi Vishwanath Express
  • 12559 – Shiv Ganga Express
  • 12582 – New Delhi SF Express
  • 22427 – Bhrigu SF Express
  • 12875 – Neelachal Express
  • 14017 – Sadbhavana Express
  • 14005 – Lichchhavi Express
  • 13257 – Sadharan Express
  • 13429 – MLDT ANVT Express
  • 22541 – ANVT GARIB RATH
Varanasi To Delhi Train Ticket Price Table
Train No Train Name Sleeper Class (SL)
14003 Malda Town - New Delhi Express ₹ 415
20505 Dibrugarh - New Delhi Rajdhani Express ₹ 1340 (3AC)
20503 Dbrg - NDLS Rajdhani Exp (Via Moranhat) ₹ 1340 (3AC)
12561 Swatantrata Senani Express ₹ 1140 (3AC)
22435 Varanasi - New Delhi Vande Bharat Express ₹ 1385 (CC)
12391 Shramjeevi SF Express ₹ 440
22417 Mahamana Express ₹ 440
12381 Poorva Express ₹ 435
13483 Farakka Express ₹ 430
12413 Farakka Express ₹ 410
19408 Varanasi - Ahmedabad Weekly Express ₹ 405
12371 Howrah - Bikaner Weekly SF Express ₹ 445
15624 Kamakhya to Bhagat Ki Kothi Exp ₹ 415
15127 Kashi Vishwanath Express ₹ 415
12559 Shiv Ganga Express ₹ 430
12581 Banaras - New Delhi SF Express ₹ 430
22427 Bhrigu Superfast Express ₹ 430
12875 Neelachal Express ₹ 450
14017 Sadbhavana Express ₹ 425
14016 RXL - ANVT Sadbhavana Express ₹ 410
14005 Lichchavi Express ₹ 400
22407 BSBS - ANVT (Garib Rath) Express ₹ 785 (3AC)

The above list shows the sleeper class ticket price for all trains going from Varanasi to Delhi. If you want to know other class tickets price like 3AC, 2AC, and 1AC, etc. Then go ahead, and see the below table.

Note: If you want to know any other info related to Varanasi to Delhi trains ticket price. Then comment below to ask us.

There are many Varanasi to Delhi trains in the above list. But in this post, we will know about the ticket prices of famous trains only. If the price of any train ticket is not given in this post, then you can ask by commenting below.

Rajdhani Express (20505) Train Ticket Price

The train New Delhi Rajdhani Express (20505) runs from Dibrugarh (DBRG) to New Delhi. During this, this train travels for almost 24 hours. Which runs from Dibrugarh to New Delhi via Barauni (BJU), Varanasi, (BSB), and Lucknow (LKO). Which joins Varanasi Jn at around 1:30 PM and reaches New Delhi (NSDL) at around 1:40 PM.
For more details on Rajdhani Express’s (20505) train ticket price, see the table below.

Ticket Fare Table

As you all must know that there are no 2S & Sleeper class coaches in Rajdhani Express (20505). This train consists of only 3AC, 2AC & 1AC coaches, whose ticket prices are Rs 2145, 2890, and 3575 respectively. To know the details of Rajdhani Express train ticket prices, see the table given below.

Rajdhani Express (20503) Ticket Price Table
Class General Ticket Tatkal Ticket
AC 3 TIER (3A) ₹ 1610 ₹ 1695
AC 2 TIER (2A) ₹ 2125 ₹ 2250
FIRST AC (1A) ₹ 2655 ₹ 2800

Vande Bharat Express (22435) Ticket Price

Vande Bharat Express (22435) is considered the best train to travel from Varanasi to New Delhi. Because it reaches New Delhi from Varanasi in just 8 hours. This train departs from Varanasi (BSB) at 03:00 PM and reaches New Delhi (NSDL) at 11:00 PM via Prayagraj (PRYJ), Kanpur Central (CNB).

If you want to know the ticket price of Varanasi (BSB) New Delhi (NSDL) Vande Bharat Express then check the fare list given below.

22435 – Vande Bharat Exp Fare

Vande Bharat Express consists of 2 types of coaches AC Chair Car (CC) and Executive Class (EC). Whose ticket prices are Rs 1750 and Rs 3305 respectively. However, the ticket price is given in detail in the table below. For any other information ask by commenting below.

Vande Bharat Express (2435) fare Table
Class General Ticket Tatkal Ticket
AC 3 TIER (3A) ₹ 2145 ₹ 2660
AC 2 TIER (2A) ₹ 2890 ₹ 3450
FIRST AC (1A) ₹ 3575 ₹ 4150

Shramjeevi Express (12391) Ticket Price

The Shramjeevi Express (12391) train runs from Rajgir (RGD) to New Delhi (NSDL) via Patna (PNBE), Varanasi (BSB), Jaunpur City (JOP), and Lucknow (LKO). This train arrives in Varanasi at 03:02 PM and reaches New Delhi at 4:40 AM the next day.

If you are planning to travel from Varanasi to Delhi by Shramjeevi Express. And if you want a Sharamjeevi Express ticket we can help you book your ticket. For this, you can contact us by clicking on the “Book Ticket Now” button. However, we have given the Shramjeevi Express ticket price in the table below. Comment below for more details…

12391 – Fare Table

Passengers prefer Shramjeevi Express (12391) for traveling from Varanasi to Delhi. Due to this seat is not available in Shramjeevi Express. Still, passengers want to get tickets to Shramjeevi Express from somewhere. But before booking the tickets passengers wish to know the Sharmjeevi Express ticket price. So here we have mentioned the Varanasi to Delhi ticket price table. To know the ticket price to any other station, you can ask us by commenting below.

Shramjeevi Express (12391) Fare Table
Coach Type General Ticket Tatkal Ticket
SLEEPAR CLASS (SL) ₹ 440 ₹ 610
AC 3 TIER (3A) ₹ 1155 ₹ 1460
AC 2 TIER (2A) ₹ 1635 ₹ 2255
FIRST AC (1A) ₹ 2740 ₹ 3450

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