Ahmedabad To Jamnagar Vande Bharat Express Ticket Price

Indian Railways has launched the 34th Vande Bharat Express, which travels from Ahmedabad to Jamnagar and connects other districts in Gujarat such as Morbi and Rajkot. The Vande Bharat Express (22925) runs every day of the week except Wednesday. The ticket fare for the Chair Car is Rs 1120 and the Executive Class is Rs 1985. If you need further information about this train, please refer to the table provided below.

Vande Bharat Express (22925/22926) Overview
Train Number 22925 - Ahmedabad to Jamnagar
22926 - Jamnagar to Ahmedabad
Train Name Ahmedabad–Jamnagar Vande Bharat Express
First Service 24 September 2023 (inaugural)
25 September 2023 (commercial)
Origin Ahmedabad Junction (ADI)
Destination Jamnagar (JAM)
Distance Travelled 331 Kms
Journey Time 04 hrs 40 mins
Running Days Every Day Except Tuesday
Coach Types AC Chair Car
AC Executive Chair Car
Operating Speed 71 km/h
Ticket Fare AC Chair Car - Rs 1120
AC Executive Chair Car - Rs 1985
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Vande Bharat Ahmedabad To Jamnagar Ticket Price

Ahmedabad to Jamnagar Vande Bharat ticket fare is Rs 1120 for a chair car and Rs 1985 for an executive chair car. Vande Bharat Express (22925) departs from Ahmedabad at 6:10 pm via Surendranagar, Morbi, Rajkot etc. It reaches Jamnagar Junction at 10.35 pm. The detailed fare of this train is given in the table below. If you want to book this train ticket sitting at home. So you can contact Saroj Travels.

Vande Bharat Exp (22925) Ticket Fare
Coch Type General Fare Tatkal Fare
CC - AC Chair Car ₹ 1120 ₹ 1300
EC - Executive Chair Car ₹ 1985 ₹ 2505

Vande Bharat Jamnagar To Ahmedabad Ticket Price

If you are traveling from Jamnagar to Ahmedabad and planning to take the Vande Bharat Express (22926), the chair car ticket price is Rs 955, while the executive class ticket will cost Rs 1790. However, this fare is only the base fare and is applicable only for tickets purchased at the railway counter. If you choose to book tickets online, the fare may be slightly higher. For more information regarding this train, please call the provided mobile number.

Vande Bharat Express (22926) Ticket Fare
Coch Type General Fare Tatkal Fare
CC - AC Chair Car ₹ 955 ₹ 1170
EC - Executive Chair Car ₹ 1790 ₹ 2230

FAQs on Vande Bharat Express(22925/22926)

We have given all the information about Vande Bharat Express (22925/22926) from Ahmedabad to Jamnagar in the above paragraph but in this section, we are solving some queries of the passengers.

the average speed of Vande Bharat Express on this route is 120kmp. this train reaches Ahmedabad to Jamnagar in 4gahnta 25 minutes

Vande Bharat Express (22925) travels from Ahmedabad to Jamnagar on Tuesdays for the rest of the week. the ticket price for Cahir car and executive class is Rs1120 and 1985 respectively.

if you want to book your ticket from Vande Bharat Express you can go through IRCTC, the nearest railway station counter, or contact Saroj Travel to get your ticket sitting at home.

Vande Bharat Express (22929) departs from Rajkot for Ahmedabad at 6.40 am and reaches Ahmedabad Junction at 10.10 am via Surendranagar, Sanand, Sabarmati.

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