Jaipur To Delhi Train Ticket Price

When we think of going from Jaipur to Delhi by train. So the first thing that comes to our mind is how much will be the train fare and how to get a train ticket. Keeping all these problems in mind, here we will tell you about the Jaipur to Delhi train ticket price. Along with this, we also provide you with the facility of train ticket booking. So that you can book your ticket by calling from your home.

So let us see about the Jaipur to Delhi train ticket price. You can check the sleeper class ticket fare for all Jaipur to Delhi trains in the table below. If you want to know about the ticket price from another coach then you should follow the instructions given below or read the section below.

Jaipur to Delhi Train Ticket Price (Sleeper Class)
Train No Train Name Sleeper Class (SL)
12985 Jaipur - Delhi Sarai Rohilla AC Double Decker Express ₹ 500 (CC)
₹ 1205 (EC)
12957 Swarna Jayanti Rajdhani Express ₹ 955 ( 3 AC )
19565 Uttaranchal Express ₹ 210
12016 Ajmer - New Delhi Shatabdi Express ₹ 1035 (CC)
₹ 1590 (EC)
22996 Mandore Superfast Express ₹ 240
12915 Ashram Express ₹ 240
20487 Malani SF Express - (Barmer to Old Delhi) ₹ 240
14322 Ala Hazrat Express (Via Bhildi) ₹ 210
19407 Ahmedabad - Varanasi Weekly Express ₹ 210
19601 New Jalpaiguri Weekly Express ₹ 210
14661 Barmer - Jammu Tawi Express ₹ 210
14645 Shalimar Express ( Old Delhi to Jammu Tawi ) ₹ 210
15716 Garib Nawaz Express (Ajmer - Kishanganj) ₹ 210
15013 Ranikhet Express ( Jaisalmer to Kathgodam ) ₹ 210
12413 Pooja SF Express/Aii Jat Express (Ajmer to Jammu Tawi ) ₹ 210
20939 Ahmedabad - Sultanpur SF Express ₹ 240
19701 Sainik Express (Jaipur (JP) to Old Delhi (DLI) ) ₹ 250
14022 Sainik Express ₹ 250
19609 Udaipur City - Yog Nagari Rishikesh Express ₹ 210
19031 YOGA EXPRESS Train ₹ 210
22464 Rajasthan Sampark Kranti Express (Bikaner - Delhi Sarai Rohilla ) ₹ 220
20913 Rajkot - Delhi Sarai Rohilla Weekly SF Express ₹ 240
12216 Delhi Sarai Rohilla (DEE) GARIB RATH Express ₹ 495 (3 AC)
22985 Rajasthan Humsafar Express ₹ 240
19337 Indore - Delhi Sarai Rohilla Weekly Express ₹ 1020
20937 Porbandar - Delhi Sarai Rohilla SF Express ₹ 240

In the above table, we have come across the sleeper ticket fare for Jaipur to Delhi trains. But we all know that many passengers want to travel in AC class coach, for which we have given below the ticket fare for all coaches of some famous trains. Despite this, if you have any other questions in your mind, then you can ask by commenting below.

Double Decker Train Jaipur To Delhi Ticket Price

We all know that there is no better train than Double Decker Express (12985) to travel from Jaipur to Delhi. The biggest reason for this is the timing of this train. This train starts from Jaipur at 6:10 AM and reaches Delhi at 10:25 AM. Whereas in Double Decker trains, there are 2 types of coaches AC Chair Car and AC Executive Chair Car. The fare of these two coaches from Jaipur to Delhi is Rs 495 and Rs 1185 respectively.

However, the Double Decker (12985) train ticket price is given in detail in the table below. Still, if you have any questions. So ask us by calling on the given mobile number.

Double Decker (12985) Train Ticket Price Table
Coch Type General Ticket Tatkal Ticket
CC - AC Chair Car ₹ 495 ₹ 625
EC - AC Executive Chair Car ₹ 1185 ₹ 1605

Shatabdi Express Ticket Fare

Shatabdi Express (12016) is also a better option to travel from Jaipur to Delhi. Because this train goes to New Delhi Jn (NDLS). This train departs from Jaipur to Delhi at 06:04 PM. And reached New Delhi Railway Station at 10:40 pm. 

However, we all must know that Shatabdi Express also has 2 types of seats double-decker CC and EC. In the table below, we have given the ticket fare for both coaches in detail.

If you want to book a ticket from Jaipur to New Delhi on Shatabdi Express, then click on the button given below. We provide you the facility of booking tickets through call and WhatsApp.

Shatabdi Express (12016) Train Ticket Price Table
Coch Type General Ticket Tatkal Ticket
CC - AC Chair Car ₹ 1035 ₹ 1080
EC - AC Executive Chair Car ₹ 1590 ₹ 1610

Ashram Express (12915) Train Ticket Price

The ticket fare for Jaipur to Delhi Ashram Express (12915) in Sleeper Class is Rs 240. This train travels from Ahmedabad to Old Delhi. The fare of this train from Ahmedabad to Old Delhi is Rs.590. This train reaches Jaipur at 4:30 am. And after about 5 hours 30 minutes, it reaches Old Delhi at 10.00 AM.

In the below table, we have provided Jaipur to Delhi train ticket prices for all coaches. Still, if you have any queries related to Ashram Express. Then ask us by commenting below.

Ashram Express (12915) Train Ticket Fare Table
Coch Type General Ticket Tatkal Ticket
2S Second Seating ₹ 140 ₹ --
SL - Sleeper Class ₹ 240 ₹ 425
3A - 3 Tier AC ₹ 610 ₹ 950
2A - 2 Tier AC ₹ 840 ₹ 1140
1A - 1 Tier AC ₹ 1395 ₹ 1610

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