Raipur To Visakhapatnam Train Ticket Price

Namaste! Welcome to my blog Trainticketprice.in. In this post, you can know Raipur To Visakhapatnam train ticket price, Train Timings, Running Days, online ticket booking, etc. For which we have provided Raipur to Visakhapatnam ticket fare table below.

A total of 7 trains run from Raipur to Visakhapatnam Junction (VSKP). Such as Samta Express (12808), Korba Visakhapatnam Express (18517), BJKT Visakhapatnam Express (18574), etc. If you need a train ticket call me on mobile no 9120-4200-20 any time.

Visakhapatnam is about 531 km from Raipur. The first train (08527 – Raipur Visakhapatnam Passenger Special) departs from Raipur Junction at 05:20 for Visakhapatnam Junction. The fastest train from Raipur to Visakhapatnam is the BSP Tirupati Express which travels a distance of 531 km in approximately 9 hrs 30 minutes.

In the below section, we have given the fare table. In which the Raipur to Visakhapatnam train ticket price for sleeper class (SL) has been given. If you want to know about other coach ticket prices then read the sections below.

Raipur To Visakhapatnam Train Ticket Price Table
Train No Train Name Sleeper Class (SL)
08527 Raipur - Visakhapatnam Passenger Special ₹ 210
128085 Samta Expresss ₹ 345
17481 Bilaspur - Tirupati Express (PT) ₹ 315
22848 Mumbai LTT - Visakhapatnam SF Express ₹ 345
18517 Korba - Visakhapatnam Express ₹ 315
18517 Bhagat Ki Kothi (BGKT)- Visakhapatnam (VSKP) Weekly Express ₹ 315
18529 Durg - Visakhapatnam Express SL - ₹ 315
3AC - ₹ 855
2AC - ₹ 1215

NOTE: In the above table, you saw the R to VSKP train ticket fare for Sleeper Class (SL). Similarly, if you want to know other coach ticket prices. So go ahead and read the sections below…

Samta Express (12808) Train Ticket Price

If you are thinking of going to Visakhapatnam (VSKP) by train. So this is a good option for you, you can reach Visakhapatnam by Samta Express from Raipur Junction (R) at 06:07 AM. This train will reach you at Visakhapatnam at 4:30 pm.

SAMTA EXPRESS (12808) departs from Hazrat Nizamuddin Junction at 07:00 AM and travels to Visakhapatnam via Gwalior (GWL), Bhopal (BPL), Nagpur (NGP) and Raipur (R). This train reaches Visakhapatnam the next day at 04:30 in the evening. This train covers a total distance of 531 kilometers during this duration. The same train takes 10 hrs 23 mins to reach Visakhapatnam from Raipur.

12808 –   Ticket Fare Table

Raipur to Visakhapatnam Samta Express train ticket fare is ₹ 345 in sleeper class. If you want to know train tickets for 3 AC, 2 AC & 1 AC coaches then check the table given below.

Samta Express (12808) Ticket Price Table
Coch Type General Ticket Tatkal Ticket
Unreserved (GN) ₹ 185 --
Sleeper Class (SL) ₹ 345 ₹ 465
AC 3 TIER (3A) ₹ 905 ₹ 1225
AC 2 TIER (2A) ₹ 1265 ₹ 1325
FIRST AC (1A) ₹ 2100 ₹ 2720

Mumbai – Visakhapatnam SF Express (22848) Train Ticket Fare

The cost of a train ticket from Raipur to Visakhapatnam is Rs 345. MUMBAI – VISAKHAPATNAM SF EXPRESS (22848) This train departs from Mumbai Lokmanya Tilak(LTT) at 12:15 AM and reaches Raipur Jn at 06:15 PM. Which reaches Visakhapatnam via Titlagarh, Rayagada at 5:00 am.

You can check the below table for the ticket fares of other coaches like 3 AC and 2 AC. If you want to know any other information related to LTT-VSKP Express, then you can ask us by commenting below.

LTT-VSKP Express (22848) Fare Table
Coch Type General Ticket Tatkal Ticket
Unreserved (GN) ₹ 185 --
Sleeper Class (SL) ₹ 345 ₹ 445
AC 3 TIER (3A) ₹ 905 ₹ 1220
AC 2 TIER (2A) ₹ 1265 ₹ 1685

Bilaspur – Tirupati Express (17481) Ticket Price

Bilaspur – Tirupati Express (17481) is the most preferred train for travel to Visakhapatnam (VSKP). This train runs Tuesday and Saturday via Raipur, Khariar Road, Titlagarh and Bobbili, etc. Bilaspur-Tirupati Express will reach Raipur at 5.35 pm. Which reaches Visakhapatnam at approximately 3:05 AM covering a distance of approximately 642 KM. Check the table below for the Bilaspur-Tirupati Express train ticket price from Raipur to Visakhapatnam.

Bilaspur-Tirupati Express (17481) Fare Table
Coch Type General Ticket Tatkal Ticket
Unreserved (GN) ₹ 170 --
Sleeper Class (SL) ₹ 315 ₹ 415
AC 3 TIER (3A) ₹ 855 ₹ 1170
AC 2 TIER (2A) ₹ 1215 ₹ 1635

Korba Visakhapatnam Express (18517) Train Ticket Price

As far as I know Korba Visakhapatnam Express (18517) is the best train to reach Visakhapatnam. Because I have also traveled many times by this train. If you also want to go from Raipur to Visakhapatnam by Korba-VSKP Express train. And if you want to book tickets for this train then check the table given below. In which we have given the ticket fare of unreserved, sleeper, AC 3, AC 2 and 1 AC of Korba-VSKP Express.

Note: If you want to book Korba to Visakhapatnam train ticket, you can call or WhatsApp us. The contact link is given below “Book Ticket Now”.

Korba - Visakhapatnam Express (18517) Fare Table
Coch Type General Ticket Tatkal Ticket
Unreserved (GN) ₹ 170 --
Sleeper Class (SL) ₹ 315 ₹ 415
AC 3 TIER (3A) ₹ 855 ₹ 1170
AC 2 TIER (2A) ₹ 1215 ₹ 1635

FAQs on Raipur To Visakhapatnam Trains

In this post, we have given all the information related to Raipur to Visakhapatnam trains above. Still, questions arise in the mind of many travelers. So here we have given Raipur to Visakhapatnam FAQs. Still, if you have any other questions then comment below.

Ans: There are approximately 7 trains running from Raipur to Visakhapatnam (Vizag). You can see all the trains in the above list. And you can also see their ticket price.

Ans: Bilaspur – Tirupati Express (17481) is the fastest (highest-speed) train from Raipur to Visakhapatnam.

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