Jaunpur To Raipur Train Ticket Price

Jaunpur to Raipur Train Ticket Price & Ticket Booking: Do you know there is only one train from Jaunpur to Raipur? Which starts from Barauni till Goddia. Which is known as Barauni Gondia Express. The ticket fare for the Sleeper class from Jaunpur to Raipur on this train is Rs 450. However, we have given Barauni Gondia Express train ticket price details in the below table. However, if you have any other queries, please call on the number given below…

We all know that traveling from Jaunpur to Raipur is very inconvenient. Because only one train goes from Jaunpur to Raipur. Hence most travelers take trains from Varanasi to Raipur.

If you want to know the train ticket price of Raipur then chances are you are in Sonkar. I am sorry because most of the people of the Sonkar caste go from Jaunpur to Raipur. Well, this thing is different. If you want to know the ticket fare of Jaunpur to Raipur Barauni Gondia Express then given below.

Barauni Gondia Express (15231) Ticket Fare Table
Coch Type General Ticket Tatkal Ticket
2S - Decond Seating ₹ 270 --
SL - Sleeper Class ₹ 450 ₹ 580
3A - 3 Tier AC ₹ 1220 ₹ 1575
2A - 2 Tier AC ₹ 1750 ₹ 2260
1AC - 1 Tier AC ₹ 2950 ₹ 3560

In the above section, we came to know about the Jaunpur To Raipur Train Ticket Price. In which the ticket fare of Barauni Gondia Express (15231) has been given in detail. Now we will know how to book the ticket in Barauni – Gondia Express (15231).

Jaunpur To Raipur Train Ticket Booking

As we saw above, there is only one train (Barauni – Gondia Express) that runs from Jaunpur to Raipur. So obviously if you want to go from Jaunpur to Raipur then you have to book a ticket for Barauni – Gondia Express (15231) train.

We (Saroj Travels) book Barauni – Gondia Express tickets at a convenience fee of Rs 100 only. If you want to book a ticket from Jaunpur to Raipur for Barauni – Gondia Express, then contact us at the booking number given below.

FAQs on Jaunpur To Raipur Train

By the way, we have told above about the Jaunpur to Raipur Barauni Gondia train ticket fare. Still, many questions remain in the mind of the traveler. So here we have answered some frequently asked questions. Still, if you have any other questions, then you can ask us by commenting below.

Only 1 trains run daily between Jaunpur to Raipur. Which reaches Jaunpur at 8:05 PM and reaches Raipur at 2:20 PM the next day.

By the way sometimes seat in 15231 train is available 2-3 hours before also. Still you can contact on 980-780-2062 for confirm information.

You can contact us at 980-780-2062 to book tatkal ticket in BARAUNI GONDIA EXP (15231).

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