Nagpur To Tirupati Train Ticket Price

Nagpur to Tirupati Train Ticket Price and Booking: A total of 7 trains run between Nagpur and Tirupati, out of which some trains run daily and some weekly. The fare between Nagpur and Tirupati starts from Rs 525 to a maximum of Rs 3640. However, this fare may vary depending on the coach and train.

In the section below, we have given information about ticket fares of some famous trains like Kerala Express Ticket Fare, Swarna Jayanti Express Ticket Fare, etc. Still, if you want to know the ticket fare of any train going from Nagpur to Tirupati in detail, then you can contact Saroj Travel. You can also book Nagpur to Tirupati Train ticket from your home through Saroj Travels.

Nagpur to Tirupati Kerala Express Ticket Fare

Kerala Express (12626) is the best option to travel from Nagpur to Tirupati. This train departs from Nagpur daily at 11:50 am and reaches Tirupati Balaji at 4:40 am the next day. The sleeper class fare of this train is Rs 525. The fare for 3 AC sleeper coach is Rs 1380.

You can see the fare of this train in detail in the fare list below. And if you want to book ticket from Nagpur to Tirupati in Kerala Express then you can contact Saroj Travels. For which the mobile number of Saroj Travels is given below.

12626 - KERALA EXPRESS (NGP-TPTY) Ticket Fare
Coch Type General Fare Tatkal Fare
SL - Sleeper Class ₹ 525 ₹ 670
3E - 3 AC ECONOMY ₹ 1285 ₹ 1405
3A - THIRD AC ₹ 1380 ₹ 1760
2A - SECOND AC ₹ 1965 ₹ 2490

Humsafar Express Nagpur to Tirupati Ticket Fare

22706 – TPTY Humsafar is the most famous train running from Nagpur to Tirupati Balaji. All coaches in this train are 3AC coaches. The fare for Nagpur to Tirupati 3AC class in Humsafar Express is Rs 1800. For online ticket booking from Nagpur to Tirupati, contact Saroj Travels at the number given below.

22706 - TPTY HAMSAFAR (NGP-TPTY) Ticket Price
Coch Type General Fare Tatkal Fare
3A - THIRD AC ₹ 1800 ₹ 2160

Nagpur to Tirupati Swarna Jayanti Exp Ticket Price

12644 – Swarna Jayanti Express runs from Delhi to Thiruvananthapuram via Nagpur and reaches Tirupati Balaji at 2:10 pm every Friday. The ticket price of Swarna Jayanti Express from Nagpur to Tirupati ranges from Rs 525 to Rs 1965. See the table below for more information about ticket fees for this train.

Swarna Jayanti SF Express (NGP-TPTY) Ticket Price
Coch Type General Fare Tatkal Fare
SL - Sleeper Class ₹ 525 ₹ 670
3E - 3 AC ECONOMY ₹ 1285 ₹ 1405
2A - SECOND AC ₹ 1965 ₹ 2490

FAQs on Nagapur to Tirupati Trains

However, the above section has given information about some major trains from Humane Nagpur to Tirupati. But in this section, we are answering some questions asked by the travelers.

To reach Tirupati Balaji temple from Nagpur, you have a few options. The most convenient way is to take a flight from Nagpur to Tirupati. There are daily flights available from Nagpur to Tirupati. Once you reach Tirupati, you can hire a taxi or take a bus to the temple.

Another option is to take a train from Nagpur to Tirupati. There are several trains that run between Nagpur and Tirupati. Once you reach Tirupati railway station, you can take a taxi or bus to the temple.

I hope this helps you plan your trip to Tirupati Balaji temple. Let me know if you need any further assistance.

12644 – SWRN JAYNTI Exp is the fastest train from Nagpur to Tirupati. It takes 16:15 hrs to reach from Nagpur to Tirupati.

Kerala Express (12626) ticket price from Vijayawada to Tirupati is Rs. Rs 275 for sleeper class. Rs 665 for 3rd Executive Class. 705 and Rs. Rs 980 for 3AC and 2AC respectively.

Kerala Express(12626) runs from Nagpur to Tirupati every weekday at 11:50 PM and reaches Tirupati Junction at 4:40 AM.

The distance between Nagpur to Tirupati is 1608 km which is covered by 12708 – NZM TPTY SF Express in a total time of 22 hrs 25 mins.

However, there are many ways to book tickets for Kerala Express (12626). To get tickets for IRCTC at the nearest Railway Stations, or home, you can contact Saroj Travels and get tickets.

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