Vande Bharat Express Delhi to Dehradun Ticket Price

Delhi To Dehradun Vande Bharat Express Ticket Price & Booking: Vande Bharat Express (22457) is a popular train from Delhi to Dehradun. This train departs from Anand Vihar station at 5:50 pm. And reaches Dehradun at 10:35 pm. The Vande Bhartchair car fare is Rs 1065 and the executive class fare is Rs 1890. To know the price of Tatkal tickets for all classes, see the table given below or call the given mobile number for other information.

Vande Bharat Express (22457/22458) Overview
Train Number 22457 - Anand Vihar Terminal To Dehradun
22458 - Dehradun To Anand Vihar Terminal
Train Name DDN - ANVT - DDN Vande Bharat Express
First Service 25 May 2023 (inaugural)
29 May 2023 (commercial)
Origin Dehradun Terminal (DDN)
Destination Anand Vihar Terminal (ANVT)
Distance Travelled 302 Kms
Journey Time 04 hrs 45 mins
Running Days Every Day Except Wednesday
Coach Types AC Chair Car
AC Executive Chair Car
Operating Speed 64 km/h
Ticket Fare AC Chair Car - Rs 1065
AC Executive Chair Car - Rs 1890
Source - To know more about it: Wikipedia

Vande Bharat Express (22457) Ticket Fare & Booking

If you are planning to travel from Anand Vihar Terminal (ANVT) to Dehradun (DDN) by Vande Bharat Express (22457), then you will have to pay fare Rs 1065 for chair car and Rs 1890 for executive class. Also, if you book tickets from a travel agent, the fare will be slightly increased. To book Dehradun Vande Bharat tickets from Delhi, you can contact Saroj Travels. The fare list of Vande Bharat Express (22457) is given in detail below.
Vande Bharat Express (22457) Ticket Fare
Coch Type General Fare Tatkal Fare
CC - AC Chair Car ₹ 1065 ₹ 1265
EC - Executive Chair Car ₹ 1890 ₹ 2310

DDN To ANVT Vande Bharat Express (22458) Ticket Fare 

If you are coming back from Dehradun to Delhi by Vande Bharat Express, then your fare will be slightly less which will be Rs 900 for chair car and Rs 1695 for executive class. This train departs from Dehradun at 7 AM and reaches Anand Vihar station at 11:45 PM. For more information about Vande Bharat (22458) fare, see the table or contact the given mobile number.

Vande Bharat Express (22458) Ticket Fare
Coch Type General Fare Tatkal Fare
CC - AC Chair Car ₹ 900 ₹ 1100
EC - Executive Chair Car ₹ 1695 ₹ 2115

FAQS on Vande Bharat Express (22457/22458) 

In this section, we will see some FAQs on Vande Bharat Express (22457/22458). So that you can get important information about Vandde Bharat Express going from Delhi to Dehradun. However, you can contact Saroj Travels for any further information or online ticket booking.

Vande Bharat Express (22458) from Dehradun (DDN) to Delhi Anand Vihar Terminal (ANVT) departs from Dehradun (DDN) at 07:00 and reaches Delhi at 11:45 via Haridwar, Roorkee – RK, Saharanpur Junction – SRE, Deoband – DBD, Muzaffarnagar – MOZ, and Meerut City Junction – MTC.

Vande Bharat Express (22457) average speed is around 64 km/h. The total time taken by this train to reach Delhi to Dehradun is 4 hours 45 minutes.

While going from Delhi to Dehradun, Vande Bharat Express stops at places like Haridwar, Roorkee, Saharanpur, Deoband, Muzaffarnagar, and Meerut.

If you want to book the ticket in Vande Bharat Express from Delhi to Dehradun. So you can book tickets from IRCTC, the nearest railway station, contact authorized agent Saroj Travels, and get tickets sitting at home.

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